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Desarrollo Socio


                Our  solidarity  project  that  tries  to  get  in-  fullest,  as  has  already  begun  to  be  done
                volved  in  everyday  social  problems,  colla-      through the agreement carried out by our
                borating  in  the  solution  or  relief  of  them.   FOA and the brothers of FOB in Brazil, with
                We have started with our grandparents, vi-           whom we have already begun to develop
                siting homes for the elderly, bringing them          tasks joint in respect of this activity in par-
                a canary that can brighten their day with its        ticulate.
                song and, in turn, generate the responsibi-
                lity and habit of caring for it. However, it is      In  short,  this  department  constitutes  one
                a sector with many ideas ready to explode,           of the main pillars of our management to-
                to provide society with at least a little bit of     gether with the entire board of directors.
                everything that this hobby gives us, a path          It is time to open up to society and colla-
                that we are beginning to travel, full of ideas       borate in what we can, each of us has the
                and excited to be able to he practices it only       responsibility to ensure that day by day we
                some of the many in the folder.                      can be a little better, both in our activity,
                                                                     as well as in the society in which we live.
                               Environmental                         We cannot do it alone as a board of direc-
                                                                     tors or a federation, there is no doubt that
                This term tries to identify itself with the na-      we require the largest number of breeders
                tural environment, that is, the natural envi-        willing  to  collaborate,  we  have  no  doubt
                ronment  that  surrounds  the  human  being          that it is the seed that we must commit to
                and that, logically, conditions it. The impact       planting, fertilizing and watering, periodi-
                on it has become harmful due to population           cally and together, so that those who fo-
                growth and the excessive use of natural re-          llow us in the activity can reap the fruits of
                sources.                                             our effort and commitment. It is essential
                                                                     to present ourselves to society as what we
                Faced with this situation, Eco FOA was born,         really are, makers of life, lovers of our en-
                pursuing the objective of raising awareness          vironment and respectful of our neighbors.
                in society as a whole, collaborating on new          We ask for the greatest possible empathy
                projects to the extent that our human and            from everyone, so that we can achieve our
                economic resources allow, showing existing           greatest joint seeding of projects. Becau-
                projects, showing the reality that complica-         se although the only losers are those who
                tes our normal development in the planet,            stop fighting for their dreams, in order to
                but above all things interrelate with peers,         succeed we must dare to start, but as a fa-
                so  that  together  we  can  develop  to  our        mily, “the FOA family”.

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