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commitment  to  this  activity  and  fulfilling       bby. This is where the socio-environmental
               essential roles so that it can develop natu-          development department was born in our
               rally. We are talking about the people who            institution,  with  the  priority  objective  of
               dedicate their time, not only to keep their           opening up to society from three different
               aviary in good condition, but to make the             perspectives, reflected in the name of the
               hobby easier for other breeders. We are tal-          department.
               king  about  the  federative  directors  or  the
               associations, the judges and the permanent                           Development
               collaborators that allow the realization of all
               kinds of events: classical, open and Argenti-         Development  means  growth,  increase,
               ne exhibitions; face-to-face, digital courses         reinforcement,  progress,  development  or
               or didactic talks; manage, lead and grow the          evolution of something.
               club to which they belong; among other. All
               the feelings previously listed, we feel them          We relate this term directly to one of the
               again, but this time before the work that is          three  basic  components  of  the  depart-
               offered to the breeders.                              ment, we refer to FOITA.

               Now, what is it that forbids us to go even            An educational channel that seeks to inte-
               one step further? Where would we get if we            ract with the little ones, our future. Throu-
               do? What is waiting for us on the other side?         gh  it  we  try  to  transmit  basic  values  and
                                                                     interrelate them with our primary activity,
               We  assure  you  that  all  the  steps  we  take      ornithology.
               towards the front can only find us with doors
               that, when opened, will pleasantly surprise                               Socio
               us and will manage to incorporate more and
               more condiments into this hobby.                      Referring  to  the  social  term,  we  unders-
                                                                     tand by the latter that which belongs to or
               The first step was the one that allowed us to         is related to society, which can grant a sen-
               obtain  innumerable  feelings  in  the  face  of      se of belonging since it implies something
               our own sensations, the second in the face            that is shared at the community level.
               of  the  sensations  of  our  activity  partners
               and  the  third  would  be  the  one  that  fills     This is where the second component of our
               us with happiness in the face of the sensa-           department appears: Social FOA.
               tions of people totally unrelated to the ho-

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